News for European Persona fans!

Persona 4: Arena have an official release date for Europe at May 10th!

SOURCE: Siliconera


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From Siliconera:


Persona 4: Arena will be released as a downloadable game on PlayStation Network this week, Atlus have announced  The game will be available for download in the U.S. tomorrow.

Persona 4: Arena also has a download version available on the Xbox 360. 


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Because damn, that walk. Throws the shoulders into it and everything.

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Simple mix and match.

And I think this is my first Elizabeth one, too.

A little different from what I imagined, but that’s because I’m picky over her mouth.

I’m sure you guys can think up a good quote for this

Album Art


Heartful Cry (Original Persona 4 Arena Remix)

This version of the song was used in the Japanese Arcade Versions of Persona 4 Arena only. It is not available in the console versions.

This version is so much better!

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