"Would you have me?"

I like now #2 looks. Might take more screencaps later, assuming the PVs doesn’t have a lot of traffic later.

A brief break from dead Hotsuins for justice

This is the best Hibiya Tumblr icon ever.

Fight me.

And to no one’s surprise, I start making icons and messing around with backgrounds.

195x195 (Plurk icons) and 100x100. But the Plurk icons are usable for Tumblr (which uses 128x128)!

Making B-ko icons. The batch’s incomplete and not pretty and clean enough. These are mostly made so I can get the croppings I want.

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Who wants an axe-wielding Alcor icon?

Horrible shit

hirabira replied to your post: hirabira replied to your post: hirabira replied to…

SPEAKING OF AIRI I need to hoard airi icons I NEED THEM ALL

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Garry - 80

Requested by Anon to have them back up again.

WARNING: There are some spoilery icons for Forgotten Portrait route/end.

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Woo, Komaeda icons! Made from all of his sprites, so technical spoilers there.

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As requested, I made some icons from her all sprites. A few of them are technically spoilers, so there’s that.

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