Zips & AREN & GUMI - Soul Distortion Terrorism

I finally got permission from Zips to reprint the video on YouTube! As always, though, please support him here, and the artist here!

「Just crime will discover the future.」

+❘Heisei Project❘+

Title: レイワイテロリズム (Reiwai Terrorism)

Heisei Project mylist/36489569

■Movie: Not-116  mylist/24089942  @Not116

■Illustration: AREN  (  @05AREN

■Mix&Mastering: Kairiki Bear (かいりきベア)  mylist/25602141  @kairiki_bear

■Encode: kenji  user/21879525  @charound30


HoneyWorks & Hatsune Miku - Yoshida Says He’s Running Away From Home!

Yoshida began his trip, leaving behind the melonpan that everyone likes┗|∵|┓tekuteku

As always, please support Honeyworks at their channel upload!

Title: 吉田、家出するってよ (Yoshida, Iedesuru tte Yo)

music: shito

lyrics: shito,Gom

guitar: Kaizoku Ou (海賊王)

bass: Gom (ゴム)

Illustration: Rokoru (ろこる)(←Honeyworks New Memberー┏|∵|┛)

Movie: Okiku (お菊) (mylist/25801793)


Hatsune Miku - Raspberry*Monster (ラズベリー*モンスター)

Song: Gom
Lyrics: Gom & Shito
Arrangement: HoneyWorks
Guitar: 海賊王
Bass: 使徒
Movie: Akiakane (秋赤音)
Encode: kenken

Original Video

Hanatan ver.


HoneyWorks & GUMI - The Current Topic Talked About Just A Bit, God

It seems like even a god’s youth is full of many kinds of trouble.

Official YT Upload:

Title: 今ちょっとだけ話題の神様 (Ima Chotto Dake Wadai no Kami-sama)

■Song: shito(HoneyWorks)

■Lyrics: shito&Gom

■Rokugen: Kaizoku Ou (海賊王) mylist/29593066

■Shigen: Shito (使徒) mylist/3178235

■movie: Yamako (ヤマコ) mylist/21352204

mp3, karaoke is here ┏|∵|┛ co474645



Gumi - Patchwork Eden (by sasakure.UK)



Shoddy Utopia Policy! A translation for a new Kagamine Rin song by Suzumu featuring art by Saine and guitar by Gibson!


Mafumafu & IA - Secret

「It’s a secret.」

Title: 隠し事 (Kakushigoto)

Vocal: IA

Movie: Miwasiba (△○□×) [mylist/25806743] Twitter @miwasiba

Music: Mafumafu (まふまふ) [mylist/22993832] Twitter @uni_mafumafu

“If you were to go out with me, i’d show you that i can make you smile every single day.”

Mayu - A Ribbon of Sudden Evening Showers
By: Mikito-P 


Neru & Kagamine Rin - Idola Circus

This song is part of the compilation album, “Puberty Complex”!

Title: イドラのサーカス (Idora no Circus)

Song/Lyrics Neru(mylist/15619229)

Illustration 456(mylist/32823152)

Sound TomodachiBoshuuP (友達募集P) (mylist/22904031)