Garry - 80

Requested by Anon to have them back up again.

WARNING: There are some spoilery icons for Forgotten Portrait route/end.

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Icons of Aschen and Haken from the manga associated with Super Robot Taisen Original Generations: Endless Frontier.


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Woo, Komaeda icons! Made from all of his sprites, so technical spoilers there.

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11x Hinata Hajime
Credit unnecessary! 

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As requested, I made some icons from her all sprites. A few of them are technically spoilers, so there’s that.

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none of the icons belong to me

i will try to update frequently (and to find sources)

Popping in to include:

Megaten Icons (LJ)
Megaten Icons (DW) 

And my icon journal on LJ & DW.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionIf you're still making icons, can I ask for some of DeSu 2? Answer

Sure thing. Depending on which character(s) you ask for, you’d get a fair number of icons. Official art expressions may take a while depending on the editing work, if that’s your preference.

Made a quick batch of Anghel icons from the manga.

One of my goals is to have all bird icons for my Anghel RP journal, each icon perfectly selected to cover all possible expressions.

Man, I love how expressive Anghel is. The perfect birdie.

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47 Icons of Kido Tsubomi from Kagerou Project. They are all 100*100. Since this is the first time I made icons I would be happy if someone tells me if they are any good.

The most pictures are from the Manga and a few others are from PVs.

You can use the icons. But if you use them please like/reblog this post.

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Quick Kano manga icons!

I’d probably fix a few of them later.

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