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@96__neko: マカロン入浴剤なり!Ibカラー!◟꒰◍´Д‵◍꒱◞どれ使おうか!一人ぼっちのイヴエンドか、忘れられた肖像エンドか、メアリーエンドか、三人ハッピーエンドか、でも湯船的には三人ハッピーエンドと同時にわたしがバッドエンド…あ、はい黙ります。

96neko: Macaron bath salts! Ib colors—! ◟꒰◍´Д‵◍꒱◞Which one should I use!? The Lonely Ib End, the Forgotten Portait End, the Mary End,…


Soraru: Ah, 96neko? She’s tiny. 141 cm, right? But she doesn’t seem to have given up on growing more than that, so I’d like her to do her best. .. She’s so short, though. When her shoes are off, she’s shorter than me by 35 cm. That’s a lot. (/keeps saying “aitsu chicche (chicchai)” a lot)


I always get really excited when utaites upload songs from albums .. mostly because I never expect them. 96neko and Reji’s cover of Taketori Night Sensation from Haniwa Uta Utattemita 3! 

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Tokyo DennouTantei Dan by Amatsuki, Kashitaro, Kano, 96neko, Yurika, Hanatan, Lon, and Wotamin

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Trick and Treat ver96猫(Kuro Neko) w/ English subs

omg what are these lyrics 96neko…